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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glee season 2

  Watch Glee Season 2 this season is will be showing on this coming June 8, 2010. The TV show Glee returned to the air with its season premiere. My initial impression was confusion as well as the assumption it had to be funny if Sue Sylvester was involved. To my surprise though it was just plain odd. Tonight to the delight of Glee everywhere including myself the TV show Glee, on my own rating the overall rating of it as a Glee episode was just OK. But as a television show in general, it was awesome, Oh! How I’ve missed you Glee.
The video really was a scene-by scene replay of Madonna’s original version. What is up with that? And what was the point? Was expecting an original performance put on by Sue and the Glee club or at least the Cheerios?

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